18 November - 18 December 2015



JORGE PARDO 'meretricious'

7th October - 10th November 2015



David Chipperfield 'Ionic'

15th September - 1st October 2015


David Gill Gallery presents new work by one of the world’s most renowned architects, David Chipperfield. Working collaboratively with David Gill Gallery, this is the first time the architect has worked with a gallery. David Chipperfield brings his eye for form, structure and material to the interior within a collection of bronze, steel and glass consoles and cabinets.

Structure and form are brought to the fore within this capsule of work designed by an architect, with the collector in mind. Cabinets and consoles reveal the beauty of their structure within the collection.  Entitled IONIC, fluted bronze upright columns and ribbed glass echoes the silhouette of the classical Ionic column – one of architecture’s most fundamental and recognisable signatures. 

Tactile and elegant, Chipperfield has ensured that each piece within the collection perfectly illustrates the simple quality of its construction.  The bookcases and consoles are made from strengthened ribbed glass, within a bronze skeleton with blackened steel trays, materials that nod to their unique architectural heritage.  Throughout the design process with David Gill Gallery, all elements of Chipperfield’s design have been considered in detail including materiality as well as technical and production processes to ensure the most exquisite outcome.



ZAHA HADID 'Liquid Glacial'

9th June 2015 - 9th July 2015



David Gill Gallery is pleased to present Liquid Glacial, an exhibition of the new collection of furniture pieces by internationally acclaimed architect, Zaha Hadid. Liquid Glacial is a collection of pieces encompassing tables, chair, stools and tableware resembling ice-formations. The geometry of the items appears transformed from motionless to fluid by the subtle waves rippling below the surface. 

The design embeds formal complexity and refraction within a powerful fluid dynamic, without compromising functionality and ergonomic requirements. The items can be displayed together in various configurations as in a landscape frozen in time, as well as stand-alone pieces. All pieces, milled and hand-polished to create a pristine finish, are made from clear as well as coloured acrylic material that conveys depth and complexity through an ever-changing kaleidoscope of refractions evolving from Hadid’s architectural narrative exploring the movement through space. 

David Gill Gallery and Zaha Hadid started their collaboration in 2007 with Dune Formations, an interior landscape of furniture pieces with non-specific uses, for the Venice Biennale. This collaboration led to the creation of the first Liquid Glacial collection in 2012, which featured a range of spectacular tables in 2012.

This new collection is a continuation of the Liquid Glacial series as well as the long-standing collaboration between David Gill Gallery and Zaha Hadid.






CampanA Brothers

25th May 2015 - 7th June 2015


'Brazilian Baroque 2014'

New works from the Brazilian Baroque collection, including the Lina Sofa & Armchair, a circular dining table, side tables, a set of consoles and sculptural objects.



Fredrikson stallard


9th March - 7th April 2016