Mattia Bonetti

08/06/2012 – 27/08/2012

Bonetti’s designs appear magical. Treading, crossing and occasionally diverting far from a line bordering, or waltzing effortlessly and decorously through, fine art, fashion, couture, industrial design and even architecture, Bonetti’s work stems from a fecund imagination, a highly developed sense of play and a deep knowledge of design, from the earliest times to the present day. His works are contemporary, daring and beautifully executed. Bonetti says he designs ‘emotions’. He has a light touch and enjoys humour. Yet his deftness, his ability to pirouette from style to style, or to synthesise styles, or to create entirely new ones, is his trademark and one apparent in his new collection for David Gill. He has an incredible dexterity to swing from serious, and solemn, to provocative.

A collection of Bonetti designs is an unexpected meeting of Ming, Modernism, Rococo, Surrealism and Ruhlmann. And yet, a discipline – the discipline of materials and function – shines through even the most dazzling piece. Bonetti says that, however they look, his works are functional.

David Gill first worked with Mattia Bonetti in 1989, attracted by the sculptural quality of his works and his wide design vocabulary, which has shades of Giacometti, Josef Hoffman and Carlo Mollino among others, filtered through Bonetti’s own imagination. Bonetti’s new collection, like pervious collections with David Gill pulls out all the stops. The resulting collection comprises an exhaustive range of materials and techniques. Gold leaf gilding, gleaming polished copper and geometric steel piping, meet exquisite leathers and tinted lacquered fibreglass on the gallery floor. The pieces are inspired both by the past and the present. There are tones of deco, modernism and futurism expressed in the ‘Organ’ Cabinet, ‘Endless Ribbon’ Console, and ‘DW2’ Coffee table. Bonetti is a keen researcher, with the ability and confidence to reinvent a history that he knows well.