Selected Exhibitions from 1987 to 2004

Mattia Bonetti


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Grillo Demo


Editions David Gill

Oriel Harwood

November - December 2002

'Ornamental Excess'

B&G 1999 Exhibition - St Petersburg.jpg

Garouste & Bonetti


Editions David Gill Collection

Grayson Perry



Grayson Perry 1999 Exhibition Content.jpg

Contemporary Swedish Silver & Jewellery

November 1996

Lena Bergersrad Jonsson, Wolfgang Eskils, Christer Jonsson, Toblas Martin, Caroline Lindholm, Olle Olis, Professor Sigurd Persson


Garouste & Bonetti

July 1996

Editions David Gill
Hydra, Greece

B&G Hydra 1999 Exhibition Cover.jpg

Ulrika Liljedahl

June 1996

Cushions and textiles

Baroque Baroque

November 1995 - January 1996

Galerie du Passage, Paris
Furniture & objects from contemporary English artists

Garouste & Bonetti

March 1995

Editions David Gill.
The Raab Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Christian Astuguevieille

Spring 1995


Marcial Berro

Spring 1995

Jewellery, objects.

Line Vautrin

June 1995

Private exhibition & sale, in conjunction with Bergdorf Goodman, New York
Early twentieth century jewellery & objects


Jean Prouvé & Serge Mouille

Spring 1995

London Room installation

Stephen Calloway

November 1994

Book launch - Baroque Baroque: The Culture of Excess

Garouste & Bonetti


'New Furniture, Obects, Jewellery'
Editions David Gill Collection

Line Vautrin

June 1994

Buttons, rebuses, poems, boxes & mirrors

Salvador Dali

April 1994

Furniture designed in 1937 for Jean Michael Frank

Ulrika Liljedahl & Richard Vallis

December 1993

Cushions, furniture & accessories; silver and gilt tableware

Oriel Harwood

November 1993

'A New Collection of Romantic Pieces'

Peter Chang

October 1993

Jewllery & Objects

Nicholas Alvis Vega

November 1992

'Furniture, Sculpture'

Line Vautrin

September 1992

Exhibition to co-incide with the publication of her book by Thames & Hudson
Jewellery, boxes and mirrors from the 1940s - 1960s

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry - Ceramics - Invite_1.jpg

November - December 1992


Patrice Butler

October 1992

Chandeliers made by Delisle

Aldo Moldino

February - March 1992

Leighton House & 60 Fulham Road

Zika Asher

July 1991

Tokyo Exhibition. Commes des Garcons, in collaboration with Rei Kawakubo. C. Dior, H. Matisse, J. Cocteau, Derain, F. Gilot, J. Atlan, J. Hugo, M. Laurencin, A. Beaurepaire, J.D. Malcles, C. Berard, N. de Stael. 


Richard Snyder Exhibition.JPG

Richard Snyder

May - June 1991

Furniture / Sculpture.
First London Exhibition. 

Line Vautrin

November - December 1990

Jewellery, boxes, objects, mirrors, from the 1940s to the 1960s

Donald Judd

April - May 1990

Aluminium furniture.
First London Exhibition.

Centenary show. First London Exhibition. Ceramics, books, drawings.

Jean Cocteau

October 1989

Garouste & Bonetti

May 1989

Named after a Sicilian sea town famous for its corals. Coincides with the “British Interior Design Exhibition” at the Chelsea Town Hall, London.  Garouste & Bonetti were the guest designers.


Line Vautrin

November 1988

Retrospective show. First London Exhibition.
Jewellery, boxes, objects, mirrors, 1940s - 1960s. 

Garouste & Bonetti

September 1988

First London Exhibition. Special collection designed for David Gill. Coincides with the “Avant Premiere” exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. 

DGG Exhibition 1988 1 year anniversary.jpg

1st Year Anniversary

June 1988


50 Years of Fashion 1987 Exhibition.jpg

50 Years of Fashion

November 1987

Drawings, dresses & jewellery Gruau, Brassai, Horst, Balenciaga, Chanel, Schiaparelli, C. Berard, J. Cocteau

David Gill 1987 Opening Exhibition

Gallery Opening

April 1987

Paintings, furniture & sculpture by; Alberto & Diego Giacometti, J.M. Frank, G. Poillerat, E.J. Ruhlmann, C. Berard, E. Berman, P. Tchelitchew