Barnaby Barford

'Jungle VIP', Chandelier, 2014


Barford strikes again with his trademark sense of wry humour. The 'Jungle VIP' Chandelier forever tilted to one side by a swinging 'jewel' encrusted primate covered with over 3,600 black crystals. Barford explains ‘I wanted to give the chandelier a new life, change its context and make a sculpture out of it….and King Louie’s song ‘I want to be like you’ from the ‘The Jungle Book’ started playing…’

Each chandelier is unique and made by the artist. Exhibited in the 2014 Group Exhibition ‘Chandeliers’ at David Gill St James’s. 

Swarovski Crystal, glass, epoxy putty, enamelled wire
H185 x L 110 x D 75 cm / H72.8 x L 43.3 x D 29.5 in
David Gill Gallery, each unique, limited to 8 + 1P

Playful chandelier with personality. Each chandelier within the edition is unique and hand made.