‘Fundamental Elements’

14th - 27th September 2018


David Gill Gallery
2-4 King Street
St. James's, London

Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind unveiled the collection of new furniture pieces at David Gill Gallery in September 2018. It was the result of a collaborative design process between the architect and the gallerist David Gill that has been several years in the making.

The collection of works is firmly anchored in Libeskind’s drawings, a creative process that the architect still turns to in his architectural profession. The resulting furniture draws from multiple disciplines found in his drawings: from rigid, calculated and mathematical relations to lines paired with sinuous, fluid forms that are transformed by figures whose scale and function are elemental.

‘Drawing is fundamental to my design process – I believe architecture would not exist without drawing – therefore everything starts with a line and has a point at the end. Drawings are essential architectural ideas that once completed become both a map and a language that orient my process, while constantly shifting between the imagined and the observed; the known and the possible.’ – Daniel Libeskind

The focal point of the exhibition is a Dining Table, held up by irregular rows of metal piping, it is topped by shards of flat, glass panes. Dramatic and vigorous, it is visually reminiscent of Libeskind’s zig-zag shaped building for the Jewish Museum in Berlin; perhaps one of his best-known designs.

Libeskind’s furniture, like his architecture, does not conform design to fit expectations instead it challenges materials, techniques and perceptions. This is seen in a monolithic armchair that juxtaposes bronze and white marble, and a skulking coffee table cast in bronze that also exercises zig-zag angles and turns.

‘Materials like bronze, concrete, carbon fiber, and glass guided the design in unexpected and surprising ways. I wanted to create unorthodox compositions which domesticate the city to everyday needs.’ – Daniel Libeskind

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