"Mattia Bonetti" by Jacqueline du Pasquier & Jean-Jacques Wattel (vol. 1 & 2), Editions Louvres Victoire, 2015


David Gill Gallery is delighted to host the launch of designer Mattia Bonetti’s new 640-page book: Volume 1 and Volume 2, published by Editions Louvre Victoire. Born in 1952 in Lugano, Switzerland, designer Mattia Bonetti currently lives and works in Paris. This two volume book oversees Bonetti’s career from when he graduated through to his work in textile and photography, as well as design since the 1980s. The book, which is the third on Bonetti’s work, is written in French and in English, and features a broad range of exceptional visuals, from furniture photography to sketches and drawings. The first Volume is written by Jacqueline du Pasquier and focuses on Bonetti’s early life and career, while the second Volume by Jean Jacques Wattel concentrates on Bonetti’s later works and contemporary design.

The event will be an opportunity to discover the book and received a copy signed by Mattia Bonetti.

 Mattia Bonetti’s artistic creativity is limitless. He has the skill and the imagination to create a range of artistic worlds; from the most meticulous and exact, to the most bizarre and outlandish, his works are always so diverse and yet always retain an element of his own distinctive style.” Jacques Grange, Interior designer

 The purpose of this bilingual text, the most exhaustive book to date, is to show and to analyse the originality of the fabricated worlds that Mattia Bonetti creates or proposes, as much in his many home projects as in the furniture created for various international galleries, which are all testament to the unswerving ever-growing enthusiasm that he had for his creations.”  Bénédicte Wattel, author of the book

 David Gill has worked with Mattia Bonetti since 1988, when Bonetti was working in partnership with Elisabeth Garouste.  After Bonetti and Garouste went separate ways, David Gill and Bonetti continued a very fruitful relationship.  Gill has been instrumental in Bonetti's growth internationally and has been there to inspire and support, while being the best of friends too. Bonetti says, “David is co-collaborative in that he provides suggestive guidance and creates images through words, and then he gives me the freedom to work and create.”