Curated by Gianluca Longo

22 November – 5 December 2017


David Gill Gallery
2-4 King Street
St. James's, London

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Vases & Vessels

Curated by Gianluca Longo

22 November – 5 December 2017


I have always been obsessed with vases, especially decorative vases because they can be highly decorative as well as functional. They are like sculptures, but are more versatile in that they can transform tremendously depending on the flowers you choose. At Vases & Vessels, there will be the best examples of contemporary Venetian glassware and ceramics from both established and younger artists. - Gianluca Longo

David Gill Gallery stages Vases & Vessels, an exhibition curated by Gianluca Longo from 22nd November to 5th December 2017. The show celebrates the diversity and talent in the contemporary decorative arts scene through an exquisite selection of works by artists, including Kate Malone, Beth Katleman, Tommaso Corvi-Mora, Tancredi di Carcaci, Tino Seubert, Felicity Aylieff, Cody Hoyt, Lena Peters, Domitilla Harding and Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda

Vases & Vessels presents a rare opportunity to discover in one place an array of influences, materials and styles from around the world, from fruit-shaped vases to colourful, geometric forms incorporating terrazzo, exotic motifs and monumental pots influenced by traditional Chinese processes.

New works commissioned for the show include two intricate, porcelain works: ‘Untilted’  (Vase with Cherubs) sculpture by Beth Katleman, whose works can be found in Dior’s flagship New Bond Street store, and a dish by Tancredi di Carcaci, a young ceramicist who takes inspiration from Eighteenth-century Baroque decorations.

Further exhibition highlights include a new edition of Narcissus vases by product designer Tino Seubert, combining coloured terrazzo, smoked parsol glass and stainless steel, and a new collection of hand-built vessels made from inlaid pieces of hand-coloured clay by Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt, whose distinctive works blend geometric form with function.

Kate Malone presents five pieces of Crystalline-glazed stoneware, including ‘Bubbling Magma Mountain’ and ‘A Summer Rain Atomic Bottle’, while Felicity Aylieff brings large-scale, hand-painted pots deeply rooted in Chinese processes.

Contemporary glassware, including Domitilla Harding’s new ‘Madre’ vase with black and white pierced dots and hand-blown Murano glass pieces by Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda, contrasts with earthy stoneware courtesy of Central Saint Martin’s graduate Lena Peters, who incorporates mythology and folklore into her illustrative work, and rarely exhibited hand-made vases by gallerist Tommaso Corvi-Mora.

Following the success of last year’s ‘Young Bright Things’, we absolutely cannot wait to see what Gianluca Longo has in store for this new exhibition. His fascination with vases, especially glass and Venetian majolica vases, will result in a vibrant showcase of some of the most talented contemporary artists bringing back to life this ancient art form. - Francis Sultana, CEO David Gill Gallery


Gianluca Longo is Contributing European Editor, W Magazine and Style Editor, Cabana Magazine. Gianluca regularly hosts talks on fashion and design at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

This exhibition has been made possible through the collaborative input of Adrian Sassoon Gallery, Patrick Parrish Gallery and Todd Merill Studio. 

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