David Gill at Masterpiece London Fair – Stand D3 29 June Preview, 30 June – 6 July

David Gill at Masterpiece London Fair – Stand D3

29 June Preview, 30 June – 6 July


Young Bright Things

Curated by Gianluca Longo


Flavie Audi, Tancredi di Carcaci, Noor Fares, Luke Edward Hall, Nick Hornby, Alexander Lewis, Annie Morris, Charlotte Olympia, Petra Palumbo with Rhys Coren, Jordana Yechiel

April 20th - May 12th

Pioneer, visionary, intellectual, leader, revolutionary. Zaha Hadid was all of those things.

Zaha Hadid was able to apply her incredible skill and knowledge to challenge the role of the architect. She was quite simply the best in the world and we are all so lucky to have been able to spend the last thirty years experiencing her unassailable talent.

The work of Zaha Hadid Architects has always been distinct and Zaha managed to open our eyes to new possibilities and new horizons of what both architecture and design were capable of achieving. To say she was an inspiration is almost too simple a statement - Zaha Hadid was a one of a kind. 

 We are proud that we worked together for so long and so successfully. I miss her terribly and we will especially miss a dear friend.

 David Gill - March 31 2016.

Fredrikson stallard


9th March - 7th April 2016



Group Show

8 February - 3 March 2016



18 November - 18 December 2015




7th October - 10th November 2015




15th September 2015 - 3rd November 2015



9th June 2015 - 9th July 2015


David Gill Gallery is pleased to present Liquid Glacial, an exhibition of the new collection of furniture pieces by internationally acclaimed architect, Zaha Hadid. Liquid Glacial is a collection of pieces encompassing tables, chair, stools and tableware resembling ice-formations. The geometry of the items appears transformed from motionless to fluid by the subtle waves rippling below the surface. The design embeds formal complexity and refraction within a powerful fluid dynamic, without compromising functionality and ergonomic requirements. The items can be displayed together in various configurations as in a landscape frozen in time, as well as stand-alone pieces.